Welcome to our Farnham gym & community.

Our mission: To empower our members to live happier lives through better health, self confidence, and community.

We want everyone, of any age, size, shape and ability to experience the simple joys of being active, healthy, and sharing the experience with others.

We are now hosting a new timetable for all our members in the gym. 

If you’re interested in joining in a free taster class, please drop us an email to admin@in2training.fit.

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A gym is about so much more than just fitness. You may join because you have a goal related to the way you look or to train for a specific event, but you’ll stay because of the friends you meet, the community that welcomes you and the coaches who support and encourage you.

Our Farnham gym offers group training, expert coaches and a strong community of like minded individuals to help you get to your goals. We provide a range of classes and top spec kit to cater to every body.

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