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“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

A gym is about so much more than just fitness. You may join because you have a goal related to the way you look or to train for a specific event, but you’ll stay because of the friends you meet, the community that welcomes you and the coaches who support and encourage you.

Our Farnham gym offers group training, expert coaches and a strong community of like minded individuals to help you get to your goals. We provide a range of classes and top spec kit to cater to every body.

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Dedicated 8000 sqft facility

We have a huge range of kit designed to provide an effective & varied training environment. Whilst we aren’t the kind of gym packed end to end with machines, we provide the best equipment to get you the results you need, all maintained it to a high standard.

We have two workout spaces within the gym. One is a large open plan space where we run our CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Competitor classes and selected Sweat classes. The second is a dedicated Sweat Studio; a space that has top of the range fresh airflow system and air conditioning, where most of our Sweat classes take place.

We also have changing facilities, individual showers, hairdryers & WCs, vending machines and space to grab a coffee and have a chat before or after your class.

Meet our amazing team!

The team consists of a mix of full time and part time coaches, plus support team – all of whom are highly qualified and an integral part of the community at In2. They are all there to help – please say Hi!


I joined the army at 16 straight out of school and at 18 moved with them to Germany, and that’s really where I found my love for sport and fitness. I competed in football, swimming, rugby and cross country; I also completed two tours of Afghanistan within my 8 years of service. 

At 21 I moved back to the UK to Bath which is where, a few years later, I discovered CrossFit. While in Bath I completed my Physical Training Instructors course, and went on to program and run the Army gym with a small team. I have previously run a CrossFit box – which gave me a taste of things to come!

Over the years I have competed in many team and individual competitions, both with In2 and with outside teams. As part of a team I won The British Indoor Rowing Championship and Core Performance, and also came 3rd at Inferno. For the charity Help for Hero’s I competed 5 marathons in 5 days.

The biggest drive I get from coaching is seeing people hit their goals, and I love building relationships with people from all walks of life.

CrossFit level 1 and 2, British Army PTI, Greenwood Weightlifting, Lifeguard.

Phill Pullen - HEAD OF SWEAT STUDIO & Challenge Leader

Phill Joined the fitness industry in 2005 after serving with the British Army with the Light Infantry. He carried his military fitness into civilian life as a personal trainer, and whilst training people towards his sporting aspirations he competed as a professional Thai boxer around the world. In 2010 Phill continued to lead by example by competing in his first IronMan triathlon and gained his endurance coaching qualifications, helping him gain his All World Athlete status in 2017.


Laura first discovered her love for fitness whilst training full time as a singer & dancer, but quickly decided that she wanted to pursue training as a career.

“I discovered Olympic Weightlifting in 2016 and fell in love, before starting CrossFit a few months later and becoming obsessed with the sport of fitness.”

Laura has experience both 1-1 as a personal trainer, CrossFit coach and group exercise instructor in both commercial and CrossFit gyms. She has traveled to the USA to coach fitness to kids and most recently spent several months in the Middle East helping open a new facility.

“I’m super passionate about coaching and love helping anyone through their journey. I especially enjoy watching those starting as absolute beginners petrified of walking in the gym and seeing them become confident and competent athletes.”


Since being introduced to CrossFit by friends, Kasia completely fell in love with the sport.

10 months later Kasia completed her CrossFit level 1 certification and joined In2 Training Farnham as one of its founding members.

Kasia has over 8 years of personal training experience in functional strength training, as well as experience in small and large group coaching.

Kasia enjoys being able to help, motivate and encourage people to make them become better athletes and feel good about themselves.

To invest in yourself is the best investment of all

BSc in Hotel Management / Certificate in Personal Training / CrossFit Level 1


Tristan originally studied Maths and Philosophy at university, during which time he developed a passion for the sciences of exercise and nutrition. On leaving university in 2013 Tristan certified as a Personal Trainer and has worked as a PT ever since.

Tristan only relatively recently found CrossFit, at the beginning of 2015 he was asked to make up the final place of a six-person team for a summer CF competition and has been hooked ever since.

I am passionate about helping and witnessing people grow as individuals. In the field of fitness this usually comes about through the empowering nature of achieving things today that couldn’t be achieved yesterday. For me sharing in these victories is one of the greatest rewards of being a trainer and coach.


Aaron Worked as a fitness Instructor before going to university to Study Sport and Exercise Science. He has always had a keen interest in sport and physical activity, from a young age he always participated in sport. His main sport being Field Hockey, he captained his university 1st team and has been involved at Aldershot and Farnham Hockey Club for many years as a player and now a coach.

Aaron discovered Crossfit in 2012 and was immediately hooked by the functional training style and the sense of community. Training at one of the very few affiliates in the area at the time Crossfit Optimus in what could only be described as a large COLD SHED, he learnt a great deal from an extremely knowledgeable head coach. Whilst at Optimus he went on to complete his Crossfit level 1 and has been coaching Crossfit ever since.

“I really enjoy helping people of all abilities and all ages achieve something new, it’s great to play a part in their success!”

BSc Sport and Exercise Science / CrossFit Level 1 / Level 2 Fitness Instructor / Level 2 England Hockey Coach


Luke decided from an early age he wanted to join the Army and has served for the past 12 years, completing two tours of Afghanistan and numerous overseas deployments. Many years in an instructional environment has made coaching people second nature and a real passion.

Luke is very passionate about having a positive influence in people’s lives whether that be on that day to help them achieve a faster time, lift a weight with greater technique or even just make them smile.

Favourite quote “ Nothing is worth your HAPPINESS “

Military Physical Training Instructor / CrossFit Level 1 / FA Football Coach / Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring


My passion for sport and fitness really started when I joined the Army at the age of 18. During the last 20 years I have competed at Regimental and Army level in Running, Swimming (including a relay Channel crossing), Ironman and double Ironman distance triathlon and more recently Army CrossFit. In addition to this I have been lucky enough to coach swimming at Regimental level and also deliver a structured CrossFit programme to soldiers from various units around the South East.

My functional fitness career was forged, more recently as a result of a repetitive achilles injury caused by too much running. I started as most of us do, dabbling in different fads of training and it wasn’t until a mate of mine asked to jump in on a “Wod” I instantly got the bug. It was soon after that when I realised I could train a fraction of the time each day that I spent on swim, bike, run and still stay fit and more importantly see fast results. In 2013, I completed my CF L1 at CrossFit Barcelona and since then I have coached in number of Boxes around the country as I have moved around with my primary job.

I feel that as a coach it is important to not only develop an athlete’s physical robustness but also their mental robustness too and, ultimately ensure that their time in the gym is the best hour of their day and not just another chore, because as we all know, in day to day life we have more than enough of those!

Favourite Hero Wod: Holleyman
Favourite cheat meal: Pizza
Likes: Training and walking the dog
Dislikes: Running

CrossFit Level 1 / CrossFit Level 2 / British Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 / British Olympic Weightlifting Level 2 / ASA Level 2 / STA (Full) Swimming Teaching and Coaching


I played football for over 10 years playing at a highly competitive level, including going on tour to play Malta’s International Ladies Team. I gained my FA Level 1 Certificate in coaching football with the aim of getting more girls involved, which I’m proud to say I did. 

The community and atmosphere of CrossFit is something I have never experienced anywhere else. CrossFit enables me to challenge and drive myself daily to be the best I can be, through team and individual competitions.

I am very passionate about helping and guiding individuals through their own stories and journeys and believe through my own experiences anything is possible if you believe.

Crossfit Level 1 / CrossFit Kids / FA Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Football / Level 3 National Certificate in Sport


I started training in judo from the age of 5 where I competed at a high junior level all the way through to senior, fighting many times nationally and internationally.

I started using CrossFit as my strength and conditioning for this and it quickly became as passion for me in itself.

After helping a work college get into shape for his travelling, I realised my passion for helping others through their fitness journeys and have worked as a PT and CrossFit coach since.

Personal Trainer Level 2 / Personal Trainer Level 3 / CrossFit Level 1



Lucy has 6 years’ experience in the fitness industry both as a personal trainer and competitor in CrossFit and Powerlifting.

Lucy holds 4 Powerlifting World Records and has competed at CrossFit Regionals 3 times ranking her one of the top 20 fittest women in the 2018 CrossFit Open.

Lucy has vast experience working with children, adults and also runs our senior fit programme.

Lucy is also a performance nutritionist who works with a range of people from CrossFit Games and Regional athletes to singers and general population.

level 3 personal trainer / GP referral / CrossFit Level 2 / CrossFit Kids / KB Trainer / Precision Nutrition Level 1 – Nutrition


Sophie is our resident pre and post natal coach and has recently returned to education to qualify as a midwife. After completing her first degree, Sophie decided corporate life wasnt the right fit and retrained as a personal trainer. The motivation for the career change was moving into an area she felt passionate about; but also driven by the discovery that education and understanding around pre and post natal fitness and recovery is severely lacking and often misunderstood.

Sophie has always been active but only discovered CrossFit after the arrival of both of her children, so she fully understands the journey back to fitness and strength as a new mum and how frustrating it can be! Her passion is helping women to re-discover a love of exercise, to understand their bodies and to build their strength in a safe and functional way.

Before becoming a student midwife Sophie ran indoor and outdoor classes as well as one on one sessions for expectant and new mums. She now offers personal training for up to 4 mum’s or mums to be at a time which are suitable for all abilities.

Level 3 diploma in fitness instructing and personal training / Certified Buggyfit instructor / Level 3 qualified pre and post natal coach / Level 2 certificate in kettlebell instruction and circuit training / Currently studying towards BSc Midwifery

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