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At In2training our CrossFit classes are for all levels. We have award winning instructors and a great community of members that helps push each other every day to reach their goals. If you’re thinking about taking a CrossFit class, get in touch. We offer a free taster session with no obligation to join. Just click on one of the Free Session buttons below and find out if we are the right for you. If your not sure about which class to try we can guide you. Don't wait get in touch today.


Class description

Yoga classes for all levels. When combining breath work with stretching & movement, one will see over a short period of time the benefits in ones mind, body & overall performance, whether it be on the gym floor or daily life. Classes will begin with breath work techniques, sitting still and focusing on being present. Then we will will stretch & move and heat up the body before finishing with savasana (corpse pose) Come improve your core strength, balance and the “monkey” mind.


Yoga Class


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